Your Remote CTO

Is your technology working against you?


Are you overpaying for unnecessary technology? ...are you even aware that you are?


The CRM you're using (or should be) isn't being utilized, and causing you wasted time.

Remote CTO

There's no need for a full-time employee when I can automate everything for you.

Is Your Technology holding you back?

How much money do you spend on software? Is it being fully utilized? If not, you're wasting time and money.

Are You Replying To Every Email Manually?

How much time are you wasting in a given day... week... month by doing tasks manually?

Do you have clients signing up for appointments manually?Do you have events not being tracked?Why is time being taken from your employees when you could automate those emails or texts?

Do You Need Someone To Handle Your Technology, But Don't Need A Full-Time Employee?

Do you need a full-time employee to handle your technology but can't justify the new-hire?